Enjoy walking trought the mountains of Laroya

Trekking in Almeria

Senderismo en Almeria

Trekking in Almería

Almanzora Valley forms an idyllic spot for sport while you discover new corners and amazing places. For years we have worked the soil and prepare it for visitors wishing hiking and other mountain sports. From houses, there is 3 trails to go tailored to the needs of hikers, as they have different meters away and difficult levels.

For beginners, the most appropriate trails, with a moderate intensity, are the two roads that begin from the same Reul Alto, near the houses.

  • The shorter trail is marked with blue posts, indicating the number of steps, distance traveled, and the number of remaining meters.
  • The medium length trail is marked with orange flags, and like the previous, the information is also clearly marked.

We will give to you all needed for trekking!

Both trails have a circular tour: start right next to our houses, and go around the whole hillside embracing the small town, to return back to the starting point.

  • The third trail is a long road, which starts away from house and goes up to the Stone of Juan Felipe, a viewpoint n the top of the valley. You can see the whole village like a bird view. In addition, you can see Macael’s marble quarries.

Don’t miss the opportunity to walk across the Filabres’ mountains.

Do you enjoy the exercise in the natural environment?

If you want to know all the secrets hidden in these lands over your own feet, choose your route.

Enjoy the way.

Here we go!

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