Take a breathe in our common zones

In the middle of Filabres’ mountains near Almeria

In Reul Alto, we think our place as more than just a group of houses. Therefore, the houses got a spacious common area with a beautiful fountain and surrounded by fruit trees.

Endless options for you to choose the one that best matches your days off.


A film environment


Our common areas are the favorite of visitors of all ages, and we offer all kinds of entertainment:  from a nice park with swings, slides and seesaws to a track for petanque, for fans of this sport.

And of course, the great pool that will enjoy the most discerning guests.

Take a bath or relax on the sun watching the beautiful place.

Spend a fun time with friends training your aim in our mini golf track.

There is also a barbecue at your disposal. You can enjoy a delicacy who smells like wood and coals.




At Laroya’s heart

If you like sports, basketball hoops and football goals will be perfect for your pleasure.

In addition, we expanded the fun with a new ping pong table and a new volleyball net, adaptable to different heights, so that everyone can play without problem.

But undoubtedly the best site for kids (and those who are not so little ones) of our common areas, is the animal farm, where our friendly donkey lives.

Children can go to feed the pigs and sheep, go and collect the eggs laid by chickens in the barnyard  or petting rabbits. You will be surprised and found many animals that live in this small farm: chickens, geese, turkeys, dogs, cats …




Are you fascinated by nature?


Another very attractive area is our organic garden. People who are interested in agriculture, ecology and sustainable development can learn the basics of agritourism; while the kids will discover the cycle of life and learn through play.


What more can you request?


Note: The only house that don’t enjoy these common features is El Pajar cause is near Rel Alto in Laroya. Click on the link to find out what other and unique possibilities are available in this place!


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